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Just read this months Todays Golfer and have seen a letter from David Williams which has been published I thought they are unlikely to print another, so I have sent below to National Club Golfer (with any luck they’ll run with it). As you’ll read, I’m getting on well with the swing and one of my playing partners should be contacting you soon as he likes what he sees. I thought this might be of interest to many readers of NCG: A little about me: 49, male, HCP 11 ish (Old swing) Member of Ashford (Kent) Golf Club. I recently read an article about a chap called Reeves Weedon who has developed a new way of swinging the golf club designed to reduce the stresses put on the back during the swing – he calls it the Lower Body Golf Swing. After reading it I contacted Reeves and arranged to meet him at Greenwich Driving Range so that he could show me first hand the LBGS as I thought it made a lot of sense, not just as a way of preventing back issues but as a better way of swinging the club as someone who has little time for practice it seems very simple. What a revelation – in less than an hour I’m repeatedly hitting nice draws with both iron and driver (I must say I was using some old clubs kept at the driving range not my own) and after leaving during the walk back to the train station I felt truly enlightened – why isn’t every club golfer swinging the club this way? ​ Now 3 weeks on I am playing golf as well as ever hitting summer length drives on a sodden golf course with no run and hitting a higher percentage of fairways and greens. It will take a bit more time to ‘forget’ the old way of swinging the club – as it still interferes from time to time – but I will definitely not be returning to a traditional golf swing. As I started, I think if you could produce something for your magazines in relation to this it could help a lot of club golfers enjoy the game more and with the added benefit of less risk to back pain. ​ I truly believe this could be the way forward for club golfers in general. NB I am in no way affiliated with Reeves Weedon – just a chap looking for the golden egg (Which I think I have now found) Regards Phil Chessman

Following our golf lesson I sent an email to Today’s Golfer (see below), expressing my thoughts on the article “Swing Pain-Free”. As I mentioned to you I don’t think the article did the LBS the justice it deserves and I hope that they ask you to do a follow-up. I have now used the new swing on the course, and like all new swings, it’s a work in progress. There is a learning curve for me to go through and I believe that I need a further lessons to stop me from doing a hybrid of my old and new swings. Are you still giving lessons at the moment? I have also read your book on The Lower Body Swing which I found to be a good reference point, although I might have struggled if I hadn’t had the lesson. Kind regards, John Robinson Email sent to Today’s Golfer:- RE: Article ‘Swing Pain-Free’ In your April issue (No. 397) ​ After spending a few weeks having to ratchet down on golf visits due to lower back pain, I was delighted to find your article on Pain-Free Golf. After reading it, I wanted to find out more and investigate if it could work for me. ​ With that in mind, I contacted Reeves Weedon and arranged a lesson. It turned out to be both enjoyable and enlightening. Reeves was a pleasure to work with and the Lower Body Swing was simple to understand and easy to implement. ​ Golf is not an easy game to master, both physically and mentally, but now I don’t have the added problem of back strain and a challenging multiple-step swing. I hope that your magazine will feature more about this alternative swing technique in the future as it could benefit many more golfers in achieving a pain-free swing.

Thank you so much for the lesson yesterday. I found it a revelation! And the good news is my back feels great today despite hitting all those balls! I never normally hit more than 60 as my back then aches too much. Just to let you know, I’ve contacted Today’s Golfer (see below) to tell them what a brilliant lesson I had with you. Thanks again. Charles Hi, I read with interest Rob Wainwright’s article on Reeves Weedon and his Lower Body Swing in your April issue last week As a 68-year-old, ex-cricketer, with a dodgy back who is struggling to play off 10 these days, I thought Reeves sounded just the man to see. I booked a lesson with Reeves at Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range for yesterday and I can say it was the best lesson I’ve ever had. Reeves explained his swing concept simply and clearly and very quickly I was able to improve my ball striking significantly. As Reeves said, the more I could turn on the backswing, the more power I could get in the strike and the more accurate the shot. As a major plus, I was able to hit over 120 balls with no ill effects on my back at all. He is a brilliant teacher, very different from the normal PGA pro and his method is easy to learn. Perhaps you could do a follow-up article with Reeves on Driving, Approach Wedges, and Short Game? Thank you. I really enjoy reading your magazine. Regards, Charles Rowe

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